martes, 26 de junio de 2012

Dedicatorias en festival de Lyon y catálogo para próxima edición Holandesa!

=) By Ballon.

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Ruben Fer dijo...

Que tal fue eso Oriol? Te pusiste nervioso? XD

Oriol dijo...

Un poquito antes y el primer día! Pero controlado!!!=)

Aleix Valldeperas dijo...

ooh! enhorabona!

Oriol dijo...

Lionel mersi Aleix!!

Marfi dijo...

Hello Hernandez,

thank you again for your great dedication. Claire (the responsible of the authors who ended up in the fountain on Sunday night ;) ) read your comics and told me she was very very well! For my part I went through your blog and I love your style, your colors, your atmosphere. It really speaks to me, and I will follow closely your work ! :)

Soon I hope!

(and sorry for my goofy English)